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About Us

About Us

Sri Sais Infra Projects

Sri Sais Infra Projects was Established in 2015 by a team of Young, Energetic & Dynamic Professionals. It is one of the reputed constructions company in Hyderabad. which started with a clear focus of bringing delight to its customers by delivering quality. Sri Sais Infra Projects has delivered So many projects in both Commercial & Industrial sectors.

The company Having an experience in Venture Development works, construction, Iinfrastructure development, CC Roads & BT Road Works is more than 6 years with reputation of transparency and progressive- ness. we have been a major player in the Srujana Homes Pvt Ltd, Virtusha Life Spaces India Pvt Ltd, Sai Surya Developers Pvt Ltd and MSR Infra Pvt Ltd working with indus- try leaders and building a reputation for the quality of our services

Sri Sais Infra Projects is made up of a team of top-notch professionals who are experts in their elds, enabling us to build the best. Equipped with a skilled team and associates the latest trailblazing technology as well, Sri Sais Infra Projects only aspire to grow with the times and be a part of the future. We are proud of our staffs’ ability for providing the best construction value and service

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